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Pre-Conference Workshops

New This Year

Participate in a number of deep dive workshops taking place February 23. These workshops are designed to be hands on and offer detailed coverage on specific topics clients requested more training on at last year’s meeting.


Morning Workshops - 8:30AM-12:30PM - Breakfast Included

Afternoon Workshops - 1:30PM-5:30PM - Lunch Included


Workshops are for NexEMR/PM users only and apply to all specialties.


Additional seating for workshops may be opening soon. If you are interested in attending and are not signed up for a workshop, please email for updates on availability and instructions.

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Morning Workshops

Morning Workshop


Successful Revenue Management for Your Practice: Cosmetic Billing & Receivables


Improve workflow, optimize efficiency and increase practice revenue with a deep dive into the intricacies of cosmetic billing. A preview of information to be covered is listed below:


  • Learn optimal billing set up and review billing best practices
  • Increase practice security with advanced permission settings
  • Enhance workflow with customized preferences
  • Set up service and inventory categories for easy reporting
  • Review payment and adjustment categories related to procedures
  • Increase patient payments by implementing a collections strategy

Sponsored By: TriZetto Provider Solutions

Morning Workshop

Protect Your Practice: Security Protocol, Configurations and Auditing

Recommended for MD & Office Managers


 Are you at risk? 82% of practices document a case of fraudulent employee activity including but not limited to embezzlement, patient identity theft and narcotic trafficking. Learn pro-active steps you can take to identify and prevent victimization. Preview what will be included:


  • Understand different types of internal threats and their effects on your practice
  • Implement standard operating procedures for onboarding new employees and providers
  • Review best practices for adding a new treatment or procedure offerings to your practice
  • Utilize analytics and reporting to gain better visibility into what’s happening in your practice
  • Define and extract the correct data necessary to implement procedures and protocols
  • Improve data security with proper permission settings and preferences
  • Decrease opportunities for patient identity theft and insurance fraud
  • Set up system controls for theft protection
  • Learn how to audit staff and processes to uncover fraudulent activity
Afternoon Workshops

Afternoon Workshop

Successful Revenue Management for Your Practice: Insurance Billing & Receivables


Improve workflow, optimize efficiency and increase practice revenue with a deep dive into the intricacies of insurance billing. A preview of information to be covered is below:


  • Review proper insurance set up following best practices
  • Enhance productivity with an overview of new billing features
  • Optimize HCFA set up to increase insurance payments
  • Utilize fee schedules to identify payments below allowable
  • Integrate e-eligibility into your practice
  • Reduce time posting batch payments 
  • Increase efficiency with automated e-remittance
  • Implement a strategy to reduce insurance aged receivables and claim rejections
  • Review recommended daily, monthly, yearly financial reports

Sponsored By: TriZetto Provider Solutions

Afternoon Workshop

An Advanced Overview of EMR Editing


Become an expert and improve charting accuracy with this deep dive into EMR editing. Review advanced features, shortcuts and automations including the ones listed below:


  • Streamline templates to accommodate multiple functions in a single visit note
  • Optimize editing through proper note organization
  • Simplify the note creation process with the ability to import previous notes
  • Increase new note build efficiency by copy and pasting from user defined lists
  • Utilize sentence formatting of tables and action items for optimal readability
  • Learn advanced set up for customizing templates with topic/item column positioning
  • Incorporate best practices for EMR note maintenance to include updating items, inactivating items and modifying templates

Afternoon Workshop

Increase Marketing Effectiveness & ROI with Nextech


Increase practice revenue and reduce costs with an enhanced marketing strategy utilizing internal resources. Learn how to collect, review and use data to discover new markets, decide what to promote and the recommended methods to do so. Topics covered include: 


  • Effectively collect data to guide decision making
  • Determine the most accurate and reliable data extraction points
  • Learn how to correctly define target markets through data analysis
  • Uncover missed marketing opportunities and additional ways to generate revenue
  • Decide on the best marketing tactics for defined segments
  • Focus on patient retention and methods to increase physician referrals
  • Identify top referral sources and optimize them to increase revenue
  • Examine your marketing effectiveness and ROI through reporting
  • Review photo management for marketing, website, publications and presentations
  • Successfully implement and review patient Tracking and Conversions

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